Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tweets in Blog Posts

Obviously, I'm not the most prolific blogger, I rarely have to time to sit and write. The majority of my outbound enthusiasm is via public speeches and webinars. In an effort to slowly ease into become a writer/publisher, I'll try to make my Twitter tweets feed the blog.

The trick is simple once you know where to look:
- open your twitter account
- click on Settings
- More Info URL: insert your blog url here
- click on (You can also add Twitter to your site here)
- select from, Blogger, facebook, TypePad or Other
- In the case of Blogger it provides a Javascript "widget" to add which at this moment (for me) added some of the tweets plus some leftover Javascript that shows up as content. I was able to minimize that to just 3 commas.

I'll have to figure that out in the future.

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