Friday, October 10, 2008

jBPM & JBoss ESB Demonstration

I am a learn by example, learn by demonstration kind of guy. I prefer to see the technology running before I'm willing to invest time into downloading it, reading the documentation and trying it out.

Here is a Flash-based recording of JBoss ESB + jBPM. This is your best starting point if you only have 17 minutes for an immersion into SOA the JBoss way. This demo includes the Spring AOP trick of "eavesdropping" (aka wiretap) on the JPetstore so that the order is routed through the ESB and into a jBPM process which orchestrates the services & manages the human tasks.

jBPM and ESB 4.2 Demo:

I'll make an effort to record more demonstrations of JBoss ESB quickstarts & examples in the future. For more information on JBoss ESB, please visit:


  1. Helo Burr,I've watched your presentetion, congratulations.
    Now I have a question talking about where to put orchestration.
    If we have a banking transaction approval business process that pass through 25+ webservices invocations, and more than one hundred steps (including business logic to choose the what service to invoke), where should we put this process?
    Imagine a scenario with more than 25 thousand transactions to be processed at a time.
    Is the ESB, the back bone of your SOA platform the right place? Or should we in this case use a BPEL or any other orchestration capable tool to keep the ESB free and lightweight for all that stuff it has to do?

    Thanks, it would be nice to hear (read) you.

  2. Hi Burr,

    I found this demo interesting, especially when I noticed that you posted it in 2008!
    Do you know if there is a similar jBoss ESB + BPM example (e.g. Eclipse project) for the latest versions?


  3. I am totally late on this request but it does seem to come up again and again - here is a link to the sources (I think, it has been 4 years):