Monday, February 16, 2015

docker, Docker, DOCKER!

My first run of the Docker Tutorial Live has been canceled for today, February 16 at TriJUG, alas, Old Man Winter has intervened and we are expecting snow & freezing rain during the TriJUG meeting time window.  And for those of you who have lived in the South, snowflakes are a cause for major alarm - I suspect the grocery stores have already been raided for bread, milk, eggs and ammunition :-)

The next live event will be DevNexus in Atlanta on March 10 to 12th 2015.   DevNexus is an excellent JUG-organized developer-focused event which basically equates to a great speaker line-up at a great price point.  

For those of you following along at home (not physically making it to TriJUG or DevNexus), please check out the written Docker Tutorial materials - the focus is on the Windows-based enterprise Java Developer.  With our JBoss Tools project, we receive opt-in usage data that shows us that the vast majority of enterprise Java developers run Windows as their primary desktop.  While Docker is a Linux innovation, it can be run on Windows via boot2docker (which includes VirtualBox in its installation).  And Java developers do want to understand how building Docker images and running containers could impact their future toolchain and workflow.

I wrote the tutorial documents in markdown (many thanks to Pete Muir for helping my formatting) and stored them in github to make them "forkable" - hopefully allowing anyone who wishes to run their own Docker Workshop use the materials and perhaps even send back a pull request.

Getting Started with Docker, boot2docker, on Windows for the Java Developer

Adding MySQL and additional tips for Java EE on Docker

Once you have a comfort level with Docker builds and runs...then it is time to learn one of the orchestration solutions - basically tools that allow you to start multiple docker containers, linking them, declaratively.  We (Red Hat) are focused on Kubernetes by Google as that piece of the infrastructure.  Check out this short recorded demo of Kubernetes in action.

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