Monday, December 1, 2014

Hybrid Mobile - Apache Cordova Training Series with Eclipse via JBoss Developer Studio

We have been developing Eclipse tools for HTML5 Hybrid Mobile applications, leveraging Apache Cordova, jQuery and AngularJS/Ionic for a few years now.   This set of videos is primarily for "training purposes".  The ultimate goal is to get you started and making you productive with our mobile-focused Eclipse tools.

The series has been published to YouTube. JBoss Mobile (Cordova, jQuery, AngularJS, Ionic, Push) - YouTube

 1 - Installation: Walks through the installation of the Hybrid Mobile Tools into JBDS 8 - allowing you to create Apache Cordova based applications leveraging HTML5, jQuery Mobile or AngularJS+Ionic. In this video, you are introduce to CordovaSim and LiveReload features for interactively building your mobile UI. Integration with the iOS Simulator is also demonstrated (note: iOS Simulator requires Mac OSX)
2 - REST: Addition of a localhost EAP server, configuration to allow for remote connections (mobile clients are remote), deployment of a REST endpoint. Creation of a mobile application that interacts with the EAP hosted REST endpoint.
3 - Native API: Demonstrates how to use Apache Cordova Plug-ins to leverage native device functionality, in this case, access to the Contacts on the device itself. Also demonstrates deployment to a USB-connected Android phone.
4 - AngularJS + Ionic: Demonstrates how to start an AngularJS + Ionic project and import into JBDS. Use of the new Ionic Palette in JBDS.
5 - Push: Introduces how to configure Push Notifications - primarily focused on the EAP setup required to install our UnifiedPush Server to a localhost EAP. Includes the configuration of Android Google Cloud Messaging push notifications - demonstrated on actual Android device.
6 - More Native: Brings in some additional Apache Cordova Plug-ins to demonstrate use of the accelerometer and battery status APIs. CordovaSim providing interactive testing support, deployment to real Android device.
7 - iOS: Taking the same application created for Contacts and deploying it to an iPhone. Demonstrates the steps involved with using, JBDS' Export Native Project and XCode with actual deployment to a local iPhone.

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